Taking the easy way out v. actually doing the thing

Oh my gosh, readers, I am so excited! I’m going to buy a boat, start a business, launch a kickstarter, buy some land, own a farm, and do all of the things. (!!!)

Yes, these are all things that I want to do. But I struggle to get past the “wanting” phase and move into the “doing” part of the plan. I get so excited about every little thing. My head is filled with ideas, inventions, career paths, and yet…here I am…doing the same-old.

A lot of us have great ideas and grand plans, but seem to get stuck in a rut. Not out of a lack of desire, but probably more due to indecision and fear. It’s hard to change careers (what’s the best path for me, anyway?!) and it’s scary, too (what if it doesn’t work out??!). And, the worst, and weirdest part, is: what if it does work out?

What if you followed-through on every idea, every project, every plan that you had? Sometimes I think that, if I actually launched a kickstarter campaign, then I’d be stuck doing so much work and I’d have no time to play. It’s so much easier and safer to just stay where I am.

WRONG! Safe ≠ Happy. Keeping everything in your life the same, out of fear, indecision, etc. leads to a boring and unsatisfying life.

If you were able to overcome and actually follow-through on your ideas and plans, you would have something to be proud of. You would feel successful, fulfilled, like an achiever. That sounds a lot better than playing it safe, or taking the easy way out.

And more than that, you set yourself up for more and more success every time a project is completed. For example, I work an office job right now, but would really like to be outside more. If I launched a successful health and wellness kickstarter campaign, I would have a great accomplishment to build off of, and objective proof that my ideas are worthwhile (which could be shown to clients, employers, backers, etc). My first success could be the platform that launches me to the next success.

The unknown is scary, but it’s also exciting. Who knows how different/better/happier your life could be, if you took the initiative.

Your turn: What is something you’ve wanted to do, but have put off? Have you found success, when you’ve followed-through on an idea?


5 thoughts on “Taking the easy way out v. actually doing the thing

  1. Hey, I’m loving the new blog! You’re really speaking to the thoughts that have been prominent in my mind lately. For me, stepping out of the “safe” zone and into the unknown meant finally leaving home and moving down here to Philly. I’m not really sure what I’m looking for down here, yet. At least, not specifically. Generally, finding work would be good, especially if it was something I liked. But mainly I came down here to get out of the unproductive rut I was in at home, and have my own space to create things and have new experiences. So far it has been a success. I finally finished recording my album, so that’s the first project that the city has allowed me to finish. If I had stayed at home, it might never have gotten done. Next project: finish some written pieces and actually do something with them!!


      1. Honestly it was probably my age. I just wasn’t in a serious mindset about my life. But listening to motivational speakers and reading books has definitely helped get me on track 🙂


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