Hello world, indeed!

This is the very first post. Hello, world. Hello.

Or more like: good morning, world

I’ve been hesitant about a lot in my life. Hesitant to put myself out there, to make commitments, to dedicate myself, to say hello to the world.

I’ve been afraid to fail and afraid to succeed. Afraid of so much, unnecessarily. (What is necessary is my fear of the ocean, though). But fear’s got me stagnant. I can’t do everything that I want to do, I can’t be the person I want to be if I’m afraid to move in any direction.

For so long, i just wanted to keep my life easy, and simple, and straightforward. It’s easy to stay exactly where you are. It’s easy to watch time fly by, and get little raises, and have little successes. But still, the big successes you hope to have are just out of reach. It’s easy to live without stirring things up. But you can’t live the life you want if you are afraid to move forward. Sometimes what is easy is not what is best. And so I’m giving up my fear in favor of my future. I’m going to stir things up and create a little chaos.

It’s okay if it takes a while, if everything doesn’t happen the instant I press post, make a call, have a meeting, teach a class. It’s okay if it’s challenging, and hard, and makes me crazy sometimes. This is about following your dreams, people!

Like most people (I assume, since I don’t spend much time in other people’s heads), I’ve struggled with “finding my place in the world.” Who am I? What do I want to do? Where do I fit in? I still don’t have all the answers, or even most of the answers. But I’m going with my gut, and moving towards a life that feels the rightest. But, what does that even mean?!

That’s where this introduction comes in. I’m still figuring it out, and I’d like to bring you along for the ride. I’d like to hear your input, your feedback, your dreams and your passions. And, ultimately, I’d like to help you make the most of your life and learn to follow your happiness, too. So, stick around, because I’d love for us to grow together.

Thanks for reading, now it’s your turn: who are you, and what do you want from your life?


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